Apps vs Instant play: Which one offers the best online betting experience?

Betting has recorded exponential growth in Kenya over the last half decade. Penetration of the internet is by far the biggest factor contributing to this growth seeing as over 90% of Kenyan bettors place their stakes online. Sports betting takes the lion’s share of all forms of betting.
Today, it is not just about where one can bet, but rather about finding the best online sports betting site available. Betting enthusiasts in Kenya bet not necessarily on the biggest betting firm. Rather, they prefer sites that give them the best user experience.

Instant play vs downloads

Using this parameter, suitability of sports betting firms is determined to a large extent by its format. Is a site instant play or do players need to download before playing. For the uninformed, instant play sites are those that allow players to get in on the action by just typing their web address in a browser. This is not to be mistaken for the requirement to create an account. A site can be instant play but still require players to create an account before playing.

Browser betting

With this option, users just type the address of their favorite sports betting site on their preferred browser – Chrome, Firefox, etc. – then bet away. Most sites have this option and it is by far the most used by bettors.
The strength of this option is that it can exploit the strengths of the particular browser e.g. high loading speed. Users are also able to navigate more easily because they are often well versed with the general function icons on the browser.
The downside of browser betting is that the weaknesses of the browser come as part of the package. Due to storage of cookies, ads are a regular –and annoying- fixture, for instance.

App betting

Sports betting sites, more so those among the ‘biggest betting firm’ bracket, are trying to customize user experience using apps. Such apps need to be downloaded and installed on users’ devices. They are largely touted as the future of the internet due to their dedicated nature.
The main strength of betting apps is that they are a sort of one-stop shop.
Apps have however just crossed their infant stage and are now in the toddler phase. Their location away from the browser makes them likely to be forgotten often. Also, bettors who are not very conversant with technology may have a cold attitude towards them. Some are large in size thus inflating data costs.


Browser betting beats app use as things currently stand. Most sports betting sites are yet to adopt dedicated apps. Until the application platform takes root, browser betting remains king!

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