Are Apps the real future of online betting in Kenya?
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Web applications- simply referred to as Apps- have for a while now been trying to replace browsers as the main means of accessing internet content. When we talk apps, we are referring to everything from games apps like Candy Crush and Temple Run to business apps like OL and My Safaricom App. Browsers include Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Phoenix browser etc.

Browsers are apps in themselves, used to access websites by typing the sites’ addresses in them. The main difference between browsers and (website) apps is that the browser can access different sites while the app is dedicated to a specific site. A browser can, for example, be used to visit different betting and news site but an mCheza app can only be used to enter the mCheza sports and other bets platform.

Across the divide, apps have received mixed reception among consumers. There are those apps that users prefer to download directly but there are those services that they prefer to continue enjoying on browsers. This is because most betting sites concerned with online betting in Kenya offer instant play, where you don’t have to download the app to play.

Most apps are however, taking to apps in a bid to get a better hold of their customers. Take mCheza for example. The popular Kenyan betting site has been actively encouraging players to use its app. Once you open the mCheza sports betting site, the call to download the app pops up even before the request for a mCheza sign up.

But can apps really replace browsers as the main betting accessories?

Reluctance to download

Most mobile phone users in Kenya are reluctant to download of whatever type, and for many different reasons. The first reason is inadequate familiarity with the handling of smartphones. Although smartphones and internet penetration is growing very fast in the country, there are many people who are not familiar with their use.

Many people still troop to cyber cafes and other resource centred to have apps like WhatsApp installed or updated. Such people, though they may be involved in betting, may not know how to download or install betting apps.

Some people also have reservations about downloading apps because of the data cost involved. Although apps are meant to reduce data usage, the initial download size is a bit high and may discourage people from downloading.


Companies that want to move their experience to be enjoyed on apps may need to look for incentives to make their clients download their apps. Withdrawing instant play would be the most effective measure but that would only lead players to migrate to other sites.

The most effective means of encouraging punters is offering a bonus. Downloads will rise significantly is there is a bonus involved.

As a punter, you really need to get the app of your favourite house to improve your betting experience. It will not only save your data but it will also help you to access your site with ease and have an easier interaction.

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