Betin’s silent jackpot that could turn a punter into a millionaire
Betin Online Betting

Hands up if you’re not a fan of the fanfare that comes with winning some of the most popular jackpots in town. Really, even if you are winning a hundred million, getting put on the spotlight is definitely is always going you under undue pressure.

The moment you are displayed on national media with a dummy check for big money, requests start streaming in from all quarters. Most of them will probably be wants rather than needs as people feel that you have landed easy money that you should now share with them without question.

At the same time, society wants you to get your life in order as you are now set on the path to success. Ultimately, most big winners end up admitting that they have squandered the gigantic winnings. Well, it could be a decoy to get naggers off their tails, but, if anyone really bowed to the streaming demands, 100 million would be exhausted in a matter of months.

How good, thus, would a silent jackpot be for all players? Imagine realizing you won the jackpot only when you go to check your account balance. That is what Allan Olela, the man who won the Betin Kenya jackpot in May 2018, woke up to. The winner said he had to call the Betin mobile Kenya support to confirm the source of funds. Stuff of dreams, huh?

But it’s all true. In a market where companies are competing neck to neck for a share of the clientele, it is these small features that set the best ones apart.

Whether you are a lover of actual football competition or virtual leagues, Betin is just the avenue for you. From an amazing site experience to great odds and a lovely Betin jackpot bonus, Betin is the site for the classy bettor.

Unchanged life Here is a site where players can win big amounts of money and still carry on with life as usual. As it is, besides the baggage of relatives and ‘friends,’ the publicity that comes with televised winning is bound to put the punter at risk of attack from criminals of all sorts.
The most likely way that the public will realize that the jackpot is gone is when they see a new and lower figure on the week’s offer. Well, the company does announce that their jackpot has been won, but that is done in a largely professional manner. It is only fair that they too do their share of marketing, no?

Awesome betting platform

Besides professionalism, Betin remains one of the best sites in terms of a fulfilling betting experience. The site is easy to use and highly responsive- and important feature for virtual and live-in play betting. They are also top-notch in terms of innovativeness- remember this was the first site to introduce a virtual football league, the Betin League played for actual money.
Everyone has their own preferences when choosing a betting site, but Betin online betting comes highly recommended for all.

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