Betting On Premier League: Preparing To Bet For The 2018-19 Season

As the new football Kenya League begins, it is important for punters to familiarize themselves with the competition that is fast becoming as source of good money. For starters, the Kenyan Premier league 2018-19 season is to begin in haste after the conclusion of the 2018 season.

This is part of a bid to harmonize African leagues with their European counterparts. The aim is to make movement of players and organization of competitions like Afcon easier. Not really the most important information for gamblers but it could come in handy at some point.

Speedy return of competitive Kenyan football

The speedy return of competitive Kenyan football means that teams have not had a lot of time to do pre-season preparation. Those teams that struggled in the last season will probably do the same again this season. Therefore, looking at Kenya league results from the last season can give reliable Kenya league betting tips going into the new term.

Some teams have also done massive transfers in the close window. These teams will not have a lot of time for their players to gel. If they bought exemplary players, they are still going to struggle. At least in the first half of the season as these players get used to each other.

Then there are the teams getting promoted from the lower division- the National Super league. Teams coming up either sign in with outstanding results or struggle from the word go. There is no in between. Anybody with experience about betting on football will know that it is wise to avoid betting on these teams. Betting on soccer requires taking some time to see the path a team is going to take.

Online Betting Statistics

One statistic that most online sports betting enthusiasts use is the head to head record – history between teams. But is such data readily available in a league like the Kenyan premier competition. If yes, is it reliable?

The Kenyan game has gone full cycle and is only now coming to maturity. A team that may have been very promising a decade ago may be struggling right now. If one has to rely on statistics in the Kenyan league, they should not go beyond two seasons back.

Betting on Kenya League games should not be any different from betting on other leagues. The dynamics are pretty much the same. However, and understanding of the local game will always come in handy. It is important to keep tabs on the best players and team news. This gives punters the chance to have ideas that can help them bet on other things besides results.

Player stats are especially handy for live-in-play betting. There are regular scorers, free-kick specialists, card-prone players etc.

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