Betway: Built for the no-fuss player
Betway Online Sports Betting

Betway’s online platform is probably one of the simplest designs you will find out there. For a site that has an international presence- and one that has been in the Kenyan market for a while now- one would expect it to have more details in its design, but no.
This simplicity is not by accident or for lack of creativity, however. It is deliberate design meant to fit the needs of the Kenyan market. This is probably the first Betway review on here, so let us look at each element in detail.

Site design

The site face comprises of three colours- black, white and a splash of green. The name ‘Betway’ appears in white written on a black background. The prevalence of the white colour means there is not too much colour to fetch, which helps the site to load faster. This is especially significant w=for the Kenyan market where some players may be located in areas with not-so-strong internet signals.
The left column displays the day’s highlight matches and live games. It, however, does not show the odds for these games. A player interested in any of the highlight games will need to expand and view details before making a stake decision.

The middle column (the wide and main one) displays these games in more details, showing the odds for home/away wins and a draw. There is an expandable menu that can be used to display more possible outcomes for each game. At the top of this row is a running section that shows special Betway betting offers. These include welcome bonuses, sharing bet slips, call for sign-up and fastest-team-to-score predictions.

The right column is sparsely populated, designed to show a descending bet slip when one places bets. The login panel appears at the top of the page; nowhere on the home page does the site’s Kenyan ambassador Dennis Oliech appear.


The company offers both sports and casino betting. Betway online sports betting is, however, the most popular gaming model. The company has directly been involved in sporting activities, including sponsoring elite league teams like West Ham.
They offer sports like soccer, basketball, tennis, Ice hockey, cricket, motorsport, volleyball, handball, golf, boxing and rugby among others. Football is by far the best online sports betting game though.


The site offers a lucrative welcome bonus, allowing free bets of up to Ksh. 5000 on the first deposit. This encourages new players to make a substantial first deposit to raise their betting pot. Deposits can be made through mobile money transfer channels Airtel Money and M-Pesa.

Mobile site and support

The simplicity of the site comes in handy when it comes to the mobile adaptability. It fits on mobile devices seamlessly without losing any details. This earns it a place among the best online sports betting sites in Kenya. The site does not have a live chat option; contact is either by filling out a query, phone, WhatsApp or social media channels Twitter and Facebook.


The Betway mobile site is especially strong for the mobile device experience. It is easy to load and navigate, but they could up their support game a little bit. Recommended site.

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