Betway casino Betting – An alternative for sports punters
Betway Online Betting

Sports betting is the most popular play model in Kenya and, as a result, Betway Sports Betting is the most well-known segment of the website. However, the site also offers other sports besides football, and other bet options besides sports.

Welcome to Betway online casinos. It might not sound like your cup of tea, but it really is a fun platform to play in and make some good cash- fast. You see, there are days when the football bet doesn’t just sound right. Either you have been on a losing streak and feel disappointed or the competitions that tickle your gambler bone are on a break. At such times, you could still enjoy some Betway online betting as an exciting alternative.

What is the Betway Casino?

This is an online platform where you can play different games as you would play in a conventional casino. There are three major categories of online games: table games, slots and video poker. As in most casinos, slots are the most popular.

Slots involve placing wagers on where a reel will stop once it is spun. There are many slot games basically because there is an endless number of themes that can be developed. The reels on different games have a different number of pay lines, which basically determines the probability of winning.

The most popular slot games on the Betway Casino include Bush telegraph, Mega Money Multiplier, Big Top, Age of Discovery, Break Away, Thunderstruck and Kings of Cash. Slot games are pretty easy to play. They do not require much skill or strategy. They depend on just chance; the house advantage is only determined by the software.

Roulette and Blackjack are the table games available on the Betway site. These are strategy and skill games and will require prior knowledge whether you are playing against the house or other players.

Video poker is offered in two models- Deuces Wild and Jacks or Better.

Bonus on Casino games

Besides the Betway sign up offer, casino games offer a great chance for players to earn nice bonuses. This is especially so in slot games where people get free spins upon sign-up or as they continue playing various games. It is possible that you have unclaimed free spins earned during registration, probably because you only focused on the bonus that could be staked on sports bets.

If you claim such spins and win, that would be real money that could get your betting back on track. What other betting hack do you need really?

Casino games are definitely going to take a long time to catch up with sports betting in Kenya- if at all they ever will. Actually, most houses just include them in their catalogues as filler platforms or leave them out altogether. However, a clever bettor can use these games to supplement their football or other sport betting. They offer a chance to make good money and could be just the boost you need when your prediction game is running on near-empty. Be sure to give them a try!

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