Betway’s loyalty rewards program throws an exciting twist to the betting experience
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Betway is one of the multinational companies that have taken a dive into the lucrative Kenyan market. To get an idea of the size of Betway Sports betting house, you might be excited to know that besides sponsoring English premier league side West Ham United, it has also had partnership with the UK horse racing association, The Darts Federation, and The international tennis Federation among others.

The company has already taken substantial root, thanks to some genius marketing and deep research that has allowed them to adopt a custom betting model for the Kenyan market. The use of football legend Dennis Oliech as the face of the company during its early days in the country was an especially genius trick!

Loyalty rewards

Betway’s reward for loyal programs is another first, and a system that fans are surely going to love. Well, loyalty reward programs are nothing new in the betting world, but most of them are just dangling carrots to entice customers to stay. More often than not, there is nothing substantial to show for them at the end.

Betway’s program however, is starkly different- and befittingly so. It is a shame that it is not mentioned as much as it deserves on various Betway reviews.
The reward program is based on the tier to which abettor belongs. There are four categories: silver, gold, platinum and black. Silver is the lowest tier and black is the highest. There is a standard reward at the bottom of the hierarchy, with an increasing percentage added to this as you go up the levels.
If a silver member earns a standard reward, a gold member will get themselves the same reward plus a 10% bonus. A platinum member will get a 20% bonus while a Betway Gold member will receive the standard reward plus a 50% boost.

Rewards are usually given in the form of free bets counted used a set-out formula.
The formula is (Wager) x (% of Wager) = Free Bet x (REWARDS TIER)
An example to put that into perspective: if a gold member bets Ksh. 1000 on a team with 5.25 odds, the reward will be calculated as follows:
1000 x (1.00%) = Ksh 10 + (10% Gold Status) = Ksh 11 in Free Bets
The amount might seem little but people who bet regularly will often find themselves with substantial amounts in free bets. The aim of the program is, after all, to encourage punters to bet more on Betway.
Upon sign-up, a member receives the Betway new customer offer before joining the tiers. Tiers are reviewed every month and punters get upgraded or downgraded depending on how regularly they use the platform.

Players can hold out their free bets for up to three months (180 days) which is really more than long enough. At the end, thus, it pays to stick to one house rather than hop from house to house placing bets. Why not set out on the rewards journey right away by looking out for the best Betway football games today?

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