Has mCheza hit its full potential in the Kenyan market?
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mCheza has been in the Kenyan market for a while now. With over three years of operation in the country, it can no longer be regarded as a small betting site. The firm has even expanded its operations to Tanzania, but has it really exploited its full potential in the Kenyan market? We review…


When the mCheza betting site was first introduced in the country, it had probably the best marketing campaign of all sports betting sites. From television and radio ads to newspapers and celebrity endorsement, the firm was always visible to even those who were not looking.
This rigorous marketing propelled the company to quickly scale the heights and begin competing with the big sharks in the country. mCheza online betting became commonplace and saw many fans troop to the site to enjoy the goodies it had to offer. The likeness of the name mCheza to the popular money transfer platform M-Pesa also served to make the masses relate to the site.
However, there has been a decline in the intensity of marketing in the recent past. While the site continues to offer great play models like the mCheza live bet, there is not enough push to convince fans to take advantage of these offers. It is a complacency the site cannot afford if it is to remain a leading betting site in Kenya.

Great mCheza offers

Besides marketing, mCheza remains one of the sites with the best offers for punters in Kenya. The site appears to have done a deep research of the country’s market and offers tailor-made products for players to play with.

The mCheza jackpot prediction is one of the popular offers that people can take advantage of. It involves 13 games in each game week and keeps accumulating as weeks go by and it is not won. There is a bonus for 10 or more correct predictions made.

In a country where the network connection is not 100% reliable, betting sites need to create sites that are quick to load and also find alternative ways for people to bet. Although the mCheza desktop site is a bit bulky, their mobile site is just lovely and can work even where connection is not so strong. There is also the SMS play option that allows players to predict the full time results for different games (home/away wins or draw) and the number of goals to be scored (over/under).

The mCheza app is an innovative way to evolve with times and ensure players enjoy a better experience. With an app, players are able to quickly access the site from a shortcut on their mobile phone’s home page. Apps also consume less data than accessing a site through a web browser. In a country where data prices have just gone up, this is a welcome feature.

The bottom line, however, is that mCheza need to go back to its old marketing self to ensure players don’t miss out on its great offers.

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