How safe is the money you deposit or hold in betting sites?
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Registering on Kenyan betting sites is one of the easiest transactional processes in the country. It by far beats opening a bank account or even buying a SIM card. This, thus, raises the questions of how safe the money punters hold in their betting account is. This holds for both deposits and winnings.
The question is a genuine one. It is always to be cautious in matters involving money especially in the modern day where cybercrime is at an all-time high. That said, it is important to say that pretty much every betting site in Kenya is a safe place to deposit and hold your money.

Second layer security

The tightening of the legal noose on registration of mobile phone lines has contributed greatly to making the betting site experience simpler. Today, every mobile phone line in the country is registered and details are available with the Communications authority.
As such, betting companies ask for a player’s mobile phone number during registration. With this number, they can be able to track other legal details with ease if needed. During Powerbet registration, for instance, players are informed that they will need to verify their IDs later on.
Most companies also receive deposits and make pay-outs through mobile money transfer channels Airtel Money and M-Pesa. As things stand, it is impossible to deal money on these channels without proper registration. This makes it possible to eliminate fraudsters and also minors.
Powerbet registration Kenya agents require players to give their ID numbers before receiving pay-outs after they have played for a while. The verification is simple but still a good measure to guarantee security.


To ensure safety of money and personal information, punters should always ensure they bet in legal entities. Do not be enticed by goodies like betting tips prediction or free bet bonus Kenya companies to sign up blindly.
The Betting Control and licencing board does a thorough analysis before granting betting companies permission to operate in the country. Companies are supposed to explicitly make it known to their clients that they are licensed and display their licence number on their website. This is a feature many punters don’t bother to check but it could be important in saving you from scammers.

SSL certificate

A serious company will strive to make sure it’s clients’ data is safe from third parties who may attempt to steal it. To achieve this, it should acquire a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate that shows it has sealed all fraudster peep holes.
The above terms may be a bit complex and boring for punters. To put it simply, always ensure that the address of a betting company starts with ‘https.’ The ‘s’ at the end denotes security, while sites with a simple ‘http’ address could be susceptible to data theft.
In a nutshell, most companies in Kenya are safe to deposit and hold money in. However, in the event of huge winnings, it is good to withdraw money both for safety purposes and to ensure you gamble responsibly.

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