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mcheza bonus

Despite offering the same product, there are certain custom features that make each sports betting site unique in its own way. The best sports betting websites have certain features which make customers stick with them even as new sites pop up. mCheza is one of the sites that have carved them a niche as the leading betting options in the country.

There must, thus, be something they are doing right that keeps punters edging towards the site. If you are feeling left out, worry no more. Here are some of mCheza’s lovely features that you can take advantage of.

mCheza bonuses

When the site came into the Kenyan scene, it was widely regarded for a lucrative mCheza bonus. They used to as much as triple initial deposits. Well, the bonus appears to have been a mCheza sign up initiative and is no longer as attractive. Still, there are numerous in-play bonuses that players can take advantage of.

Download the mCheza app

Apps appear to be the next phase of internet content consumption. They offer a more personalised experience for users, protecting them from unwanted advertising that is popular on web browsers. Many companies are embracing apps, but, sadly, not enough of them have apps that function properly.
Ever innovative, mCheza have one of the best apps you will find in the Kenyan betting market. Unlike their site on browser, the content on the app loads faster and navigation is as easy as it could ever get.

Use SMS betting while on the go

No internet connection? No problem! mCheza’s SMS betting platform is arguably the best among all those offered by betting sites in Kenya, rivalled probably only by SportPesa. The SMS service can be activated by dialling *629# from whatever mobile device one is using.
This service displays the top matches of the day and allows player to pick options of draws, home/away wins and double chances. To register on mCheza via SMS, punters can SMS the word ‘Play’ to the code 29888.

Stay safe with the Cash out option

The mCheza Kenya website is one of very few platforms that allow players to withdraw from a bet that they suddenly feel will not go their way. This can be done prior to kick-off or even as the game progresses. There are certain terms for pulling out, obviously, but it is much better than not be able to cancel a bet that you place mistakenly or one that you feel has changed dynamics.

Play Live

The mCheza live bet allows players to predict occurrences in a game that is already underway. These could be events like cautions and red cards, corners or the player who scores next. This option has hugely fluctuating odds and will require a site that is very highly responsive. The mCheza site is built specifically for this.

These especially strong features of mCheza make it a site for new and seasoned punters alike. Options like cash-out allow people to lay big risks, which raises their likely winnings.

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