Kenya Gambling And Betting Industry Growing Rapidly.

One of the fastest growing industry in Kenya today happens to be the gambling and betting industry. Statistics show that the majority of Kenya’s population today are youths and this would be an answer as to why gambling and betting industry is growing rapidly today. In addition, youths would easily follow online sports betting news compared to senior citizens as they are more conversant with technology.

It is estimated that government targets more than Ksh. 36 Million tax from betting gambling industry. The companies in this industry pay 15 per cent of their gross revenues as gaming tax after successfully pushing for a reduction from 35 per cent that had taken effect on January 1st 2018. To lock out the small-scale operators, the government raised the entrance fee from Ksh. 40,000 to Ksh. 20 Millions.

New Entrants in Kenya Betting Industry

The latest to join the Kenya sports betting industry is Victor Chandler’s Betlion. Victor Chandler is a 67-years old British man who is worth £230million has been ascribed with transforming the gaming and betting industry by taking it online back in 1997. Business Daily reported last week on Friday that Kenya’s Betting Control & Licensing Board (BCLB) had Okayed Betlion to operate in Kenya and they would be launching a sports betting site before the years come to an end. Betlion is an African focused betting firm.

Kenya Sport Betting

In all media channels today, both print and digital media, online sports betting news are always featured in terms of a sponsored article or organic news articles. Similarly, there are a number of Sports Betting Blog that provides betting tips, discussion on sports industry, and guides on how to successfully place a bet.

Kenya sports betting has gone a notch high with an introduction of live bet for local Kenya premier league seeking to interest millions of local fans in Kenya Premier league. The Kenya premier league has gained more fans than ever and as a result, many Kenyans will be interested to place a bet on local soccer tournament too.

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