mCheza: Upsetting the bigwig betting balance
Mcheza betting site

All betting firms that have emerged in the Kenyan market in recent days, it is mCheza that has been able to climb fastest and muscle it out with the biggest betting firm in Kenya. The company has had a rigorous popularization campaign online for the last two years, and now the fruits are clear. With the strategy of using popular media and sports personalities, the firm has been able to endear itself to many fans.

But what really lies beyond the apt marketing? Does it offer real value to players who visit the actual site? The site has been previously featured here, but again we explore deeper.

Learn from the best

Looking at the mCheza betting site, you get the feeling that they have taken their lessons from the best in the industry. They have borrowed a little from each of the leading betting sites and used that together to use the mCheza Kenya betting site in a way that rivals even the best.

The site combines black, grey, yellow and green to form a palatable theme and a great looking website. The interface is one that a user feels comfortable in immediately they get in. that said, the abundance of colour makes the site quite heavy and slow to load. This could be an issue especially for players with a poor internet connection.

SMS option

To take care of the slow loading process, the site actively promotes its SMS sign-up and playing platform. Players can join by simply texting the word play to short code 29888 or dialling *629#. This takes care of players who are either in network stricken areas or those without internet enabled devices.

This option especially helps players who live in remote areas.

The cash-out option is a really interesting feature on mCheza. If a player lays a stake then suddenly their instinct tells them that such a bet is pointless, they can withdraw from it using the cash-out option. This is also helpful in instances where an unexpected occurrence causes the dynamics of a game to change e.g. if a key player gets injured during warm up.
One may also cash out as a game progresses, but in such an event there are further considerations that determine how much one is refunded.

Mcheza App

The firm is seeking to enhance the mCheza online betting experience by popularizing the mCheza app. They are keen to keep up with the best and stay abreast of any new developments in the industry. This is not just a good business practice but also a show of care for customers. The app is currently available for android phones only, but this makes sense given these are the most popular devices in Kenya.


The earlier verdict stands: mCheza is a lovely website for novice beginners and big riskers. The cash out option allows players to cut their losses early, giving such a valuable lifeline to these categories of players. The site has been developed with special focus on Kenya, hence fits the needs of all classes of players.

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