PowerBets: Great features to take advantage of as house fights for market share
Powerbets Sports Betting

Powerbets is finally settled in the Kenyan market, and it is safe to say that its reception has been great. The site built with the mobile device gambler in mind has not done over-the-top marketing but has still managed to penetrate the market and hive for itself a sizeable chunk of players.
Even on desktop, the site appears in a single center-placed column that gives the feeling that they are not giving so much attention to computer gaming. Even on a web browser, the Powerbets has independent navigation features. Scrolling down, for example does not require players to use the browser scroll bar.

The company has sought to exploit some play factors that top betting sites have overlooked. This Powerbets Kenya review looks to explain some of these advantages that players can take advantage of.

Search option

Rather than populate the home page with numerous bets, Powerbets has given prominence to the search bar so that players can find a specific game of interest. This makes the site a great resource for players who know the specific games they want to bet on. It saves them the hassle of sifting through a mountain of games that are displayed by most football betting sites.

As one searches and places bets, a bet slip is overlaid over the homepage to show the accumulated odds. Players can change the bet slip at any time before placing the bet.

Boosted odds

Seasoned players will know that odds for most games are basically the same across all the best football betting sites. This is because houses receive odds from the same bookmakers in the same way that online casinos buy games from the same developers.

Powerbets however seeks to gain an edge by boosting odds on particular games. Boosting odds simply means assigning a particular percentage by which winnings are multiplied to ensure players receive more money than they would if they staked in another house with similar odds.

Powerbets App

While the site allows instant play (register and play without downloading) the Powerbets app can be downloaded and installed into the player’s device. This gives a more customized experience. To start with, most mobile devices allow the app to be added as a shortcut to the home screen.

The App can be downloaded directly from the web page; you do not have to go to the play store.

Catalogue and bonuses

Powerbets offers four sports to place stakes on- soccer, basketball, tennis and Volleyball. It also has live casino games. It is the only betting company in Kenya that actively promotes their casino gaming options. This is a bold marketing strategy in a market that is not just sport oriented but literally football crazy.


Powerbets is a relatively small betting site compared to the industry premier companies, but there is nothing small about it to the player. The boosted odds are a great feature to take on as the company tries to completely entrench itself in the market.

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