Terms and conditions you should be aware of when betting online

If there is one section of most transactions that is never read, it has to be the terms and conditions. We only click accept and continue because we have to; there can’t be five per cent of people who read through the details. Hands up if you ever read through the entire terms and conditions page before signing up.

That said, there are some fine details that players need to be aware of before engaging in the house. Of course most of it is stuff that you will never need; it is placed there by the house to protect itself against legal liability that is highly unlikely to occur.

This blog looks to shed light on some of the rules that affect general gaming. Of course the rules differ on various football betting sites in Kenya but there are those that apply across the board.

Bonus terms

There are various bonuses given by many of the numerous betting sites Kenya has. These include welcome/sign-up bonuses, referral bonuses and loyalty bonuses among others. Many customers are, however, not aware of the conditions attached to these bonuses.

For many of them, for instance, the first step after receiving a bonus is to try and withdraw it. It comes as a frustration when they are informed that such money cannot be withdrawn. The key rule is that you have to make a deposit after signing up in order to receive a sign-up bonus.

The aim of this requirement is to ensure that people actually sign up to play and not just to merely earn the welcome bonus. If, for example, a welcome bonus runs up to Ksh. 5000, the actual bonus will depend on the size of the deposit.

Moreover, bonuses are to be used to bet on games within the betting site. If you receive a bonus on the Betin Kenya app, you will need to use it on the same site. Some sites actually select specific games on which a bonus can be used to bet. It is important to know what kind of betting a site allows its bonus to be used on.

Referral bonuses usually require the player who has signed up to enter the referral code provided by the person who refers them. They also have to make a deposit to ascertain they are truly getting into the house for business.

Free bets

Free bets are usually given as a reward for some kind of loyalty. This could be consistent play on the site or continuously referring new players. With free bets, the thing to look out for is the games in which you are allowed to use them. More importantly, learn the formula used to calculate free bets so you can make the most valuable stake. Care to also check how long the free bet remains valid so that it does not expire before you use it.

Live betting

Live betting sites in Kenya also have strict time conditions to be followed. Always ensure you make an instant bet when betting live to avoid getting locked out.

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