The Best Betting Offers to Look Out For on Kenyan Betting Sites
Powerbets betting game

Betting sites are pretty much the same, aye? Well, that depends on how you look at them. Yes, almost all companies offer similar football betting odds, so that should be a factor of little consideration when choosing a platform for online betting in Kenya.

Personal preferences like the site appearance, speed of pay-outs and site responsiveness are usually the key factors determining where a punter places their stakes. However, there are little advantages that are often overlooked that could improve the entire betting experience. Here are a few of the best betting offers to look out for:

Welcome Bonus

What does a company offer you upon sign-up? Do they just let you get in and start betting or is there a welcome bonus. There are companies that give up to a 200% boost for the first deposit made to their platform. Always look out for betting sites with a handsome welcome bonus.
That said, it is always wise to comb the devil out of the detail. All- yes, all- welcome bonuses have strings attached; care to find out which ones are worth getting caught up in. Of course you cannot withdraw your deposit bonus, but houses that let you use it to bet on your preferred games are better than those that give you pre-selected games to bet on.

Boosted Odds

There are companies- especially new entrants- that boost odds so players have the prospect of earning significantly larger winnings. Here is where the Powerbets betting game comes into play. The company raises odds on select games in every round of football matches. The increase may only be marginal but it boosts multi-bets greatly.

Smaller Jackpots

Most companies offer jackpots of 13 games and Mega-jackpots of up to 17 games. Smaller companies offer jackpots of even just 11 games. The difference in number of games may seem little and the margin between possible earnings enormous. However, the increase in number of games by one significantly reduces the possibility of winning.
Always look for fewer-game jackpots and take advantage of them.

Cash Out options

Cash out is a model where a company allows you to recall your money if you get the instinct that your fingers are about to get burnt. There are houses that allow you to withdraw your bet before a game starts or during the course of play. These are great especially for inexperienced players.

Deposit Charge Cashback

Does this little annoying charge sound familiar? Well, there are companies that feel players’ pain and are willing to hand it back to you. It may be just a small amount of money, but it saves a huge cost in the long run for regular punters.

Free Bets

Some companies occasionally offer free bets to their players. These are usually rewards for loyalty to the house. They are mostly difficult to predict outcomes like, for instance, the first teams to score across four divisions, but isn’t the entire betting practice a mere game of chance? Who knows when their lucky day will be?

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