Understanding Boxing and Online Boxing Betting

Boxing is a game that has existed for many centuries around the world in different forms depending on cultural background. It involves two opponents of similar weights as physical size is very essential to the contest. Today we have a modern boxing game with a set of rules to determine a winner. A boxing match is officiated by a referee and scores awarded by three judges on the ringside. If a match doesn’t end on a knockout, retirement or disqualification, judges scorecard are used to determine the winner. This can either be unanimous where all the three judges agree, Split decision if two judges think one of the boxers has won or a draw.

Online Boxing Betting

As a result of internet connection penetration in Kenya, it has made it easy to follow boxing sport taking place in Kenya and around the world. Consequently, you are able to do an online boxing betting easily despite your location. Access to mobile phones with the internet connection and ability to place a bet by simply sending an SMS has also contributed to betting industry by making it easy for many people despite not being tech savvy to easily place a bet.

Despite the recent turbulence within the Kenya Association of Boxing, Kenya has not been left behind in producing talented men and women fighters. 20 years old Fatuma Zarika successfully defended her World Boxing Council (WBC) female world super-bantamweight title after beating Mexican Yamileth Mercado in Nairobi.

Where to bet for boxing

Boxing betting has different odds that you would be interested to know about before deciding where to bet for boxing. First, you would choose to go by predicting who among the two opponents would win the match by placing your bet on the favourite or the underdog. Favourite boxer is normally represented by a (+) sign while the underdog is represented by a (-) sign. Second, some sportsbooks have odds on the total rounds a match would take. For instance, O/U 10.5 means you can place your bet the under (U) if you think the match will finish within 11.5 rounds or place a bet over (O) if you think the fight will go beyond 11.5 rounds. A match can also end up in a draw when judges scorecards are equal. Lastly, you can predict if the winner will win through a knockout.

If you are a boxing fan and you are looking for where to bet on boxing online, Mbeshabet provides reliable reviews of different boxing sites and best-betting sites in Kenya.

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