Virtual betting: An equally exciting model of sports betting
sports betting

It is now a consensus that sports betting is the most popular form of online gambling in Kenya. That said, however, punters have not exploited the full potential that sports betting offers. Most punters wait for game weeks to bet on Betway soccer games and other competitions. They hold out for competitions like the Kenya premier League, European leagues, Champions’ league of national competitions to place stakes.

As a result, their accounts are idle for the better part of the week. It does not have to always be this way though. Betway sports betting and most other Kenyan betting sites have a way for players to play and make money on them round the clock.

Virtual betting

This is possible through the virtual model of sports betting. Simply putting, virtual sports are computer generated games that follow the same format as the real life games. Therefore, punters bet on the same occurrences they would in ordinary games- winner/loser, over/under, correct scores etc.

Think of virtual betting as you would play computer games like Fifa or PES. The model is the same, only this time there are no players with gaming pads and a console. Instead, the computer plays and punters bet on the result. As things currently stand, most Kenyan websites do not have the facility to watch virtual games as they progress; players only bet and wait for the result.

The basic difference between virtual games and actual games is the duration of play. Where a soccer game lasts ninety plus minutes, its virtual version can be over in even under a minute. The odds are just the same, so players have the chance to win (or lose) the same amounts within the same duration of time.

Instant pay-outs

For people who do not enjoy the tension of waiting for long hours to get the result of their bets, the virtual model is the answer. There are those who bet to make money for a specific purpose- although this is not recommended as responsible gambling- but such players can hack it better with virtual play.

Once you take advantage pf the Betway welcome offer, our account is immediately potent. You don’t have to let it lie for extended periods when you could make money on it at any time of the day. The generous Betway deposit bonus could get underway in no time.

The one thing to keep in mind when playing virtual sports is that there is no correlation between the actual teams’ form and their virtual counterparts. If you are a Barcelona supporter and they are currently flying high, that does not mean the virtual Barcelona will be on a roll. It should come as no surprise to see them lose 4-0 to Genoa.

Virtual play does not have specific times of the day when players are likely to win more. As earlier stated, it is computer generated play. Unless you have your own superstitions, the platforms stays the same at all times.

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