Why aren’t punters taking enough advantage of the lucrative PowerBets offers?
Powerbets Online Betting

Betting is a game of chances, but it is more about taking chances when they rear their head in the slightest. It is, thus, astounding that gamblers are not taking enough advantage of the offers available on the Powerbets gambling platform.

Perhaps lack of knowledge is what is making people miss out on these opportunities. If you are reading this article, however, then you are on your way away from the ignorant crowd and on the path to reaping benefits that can only be around for a short while

Lucrative bonuses

The site has been in the Kenyan market for what is going to three years now (since 2016) but still offers a welcome bonus similar to what would be given in a new betting house. Besides the bonuses available to newcomers, regular players also have several Powerbets bonus options that are easy to trigger.

The refer-a-friend bonus is by far the easiest. Players acquire a referral code which they give to new friends who enquire on how to join Powerbet. Once the new player signs up and starts playing, the referrer is eligible for a bonus of up to Ksh. 250 that can be used to stake on any games of choice.
Placing multi-bets attracts a 305 bonus too. This could translate to good money where the stake is bold enough.

Hot bets

Powerbets has a ‘hot bets’ section where the most popular games of the day are displayed every day. These are games whose analysis can be found on sites that give football bet tips and predictions. With such free analysis, players are able to bet directly after visiting the platforms that give the best free soccer predictions.

Instant spins

Powerbets is one of the betting sites in Kenya that gives a substantial amount of attention to casino games. Despite having casino options, most other houses concentrate on sports (read football) betting such that these items remain mere fillers on their catalogue.
On Powerbets, however, there is a running spin game where players could earn up to Ksh. 220,000 in a single spin. Spin games are play models of absolute chance and do not require any form of prior knowledge to play. Players can engage in them as a way of taking breaks between sports betting or when their preferred competitions are not in session.

Boosted odds

This is another offer players do not take adequate advantage of. Boosted odds are offered on particular games but can really increase the amount of winnings if a bettor gets them right. Powerbets has boosted odds on a daily basis.

Daily jackpots

There are two mega-pool jackpots each day on the Powerbets website, each totalling up to around Ksh. 2.5 million. Not an enormous jackpot by any standard, but this is another fertile ground with few reapers.

Perhaps the reason there are not enough people taking part in Powerbets offers is that the site has not been marketed enough. That said, it is the work of a punter to find the most fertile fishing grounds. By reading this article, you are way ahead of the pack. Got get ‘em!

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