Why you should enjoy the betting experience as much as you earn from it
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There’s nothing as heart-breaking as missing out on a big multi-bet win because of one game. It often evokes the desire to never bet again and to do away with everything about gaming. But an ardent gambler will always find themselves trooping back to the betting houses. This is because betting is about more than just making money.
It is not just about winning some and losing some. It also involves the thrill of getting involved in a high-risk, pretty unpredictable game. In short, betting is as much about having fun as it is about making money.
Last dime
We are not talking problem gambling here. If you find yourself betting your rent or school fees on Kenyan football betting sites, that should be a red flag that your gaming is getting out of control. Betting should not be a sole income earner. Rather, it should be a fun way to spend what you would otherwise use as your entertainment allowance.
It is however, okay, to bet your last dime of the money you had intended to go out then wait for it to multiply. The thrill as you wait knowing that someone else (mhindi) might pay for your rave or that you might have to forego the party altogether is worth the stake.
If you are the outrageous risk taker, you could even order for drinks knowing the only money you have is what you expect to win from a bet. After all, aren’t good memories made of the things that appear riskiest or craziest at the present moment?
Quick bucks
There are platforms like the Betin Kenya website where you can play virtual leagues and see football matches wound up in a matter of seconds. Here, you can have fun by competing against friends to see who makes the most money over a certain period of time.
Such platforms as the Betin league are both fun and a great place to learn how to bet online. Oh, and a great way to mint a quick buck too!
The thrill of the watch
There are two categories of bettors; three actually. There those who stake then go out to watch the games they bet on. These feel like they can coach the teams to play and deliver the stakes they have bet on. You will find them shouting instructions 9and profanities, mostly) in front of the TV as if the players are going to hear them.
There are those who, after betting, will open a live scores tab on their browser and follow every minute of the action. This group is never loud but is always muttering stuff to themselves in a dimly lit corner.
Then there are those who go offline after staking and wait for the result after full time. They either pretend they are not concerned about the game’s progress or go to sleep.
Whatever category, one characteristic applies across the board- kukaza. There is the belief that believing staunchly will make your bet come to fruition. And all these work to make the gambling thrill alive and worthwhile! Let’s keep playing!

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